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Please find below some details on specific subjects. In case you do not find the subject of your choice or you would like to speak to one of our employees personally: please contact us by phone on +31 297 289 691 or by e-mail to

Company data

Wifac bv
Rendementsweg 20B-1, 3641 SL Mijdrecht

Telephone 0297 - 289 691

VAT-number NL 0079.25.918.B.01
CoC Utrecht registration number 32049023

NL38RABO 0364091878

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As a company in the graphics media or affiliated industry you obviously want to be kept informed about the latest trends and developments in the field of graphics. In our regular e-mail newsletters we will keep you informed about the up-to-date news in the field of consumer materials and Colour management products. In addition, we publish campaigns in these newsletters from which clients of Wifac may profit. If you want to receive our e-mail newsletter, please complete the application form on our site!

You do not wish to receive our newsletters anymore? Then it suffices to click the link in question at the bottom of our newsletter.

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Terms of payment and delivery


Wifac delivers all orders in the Netherlands free domicile. We charge freight costs for orders from foreign clients.

Deliveries in the Netherlands
For orders under 250 excl. VAT we charge a contribution to the order costs of 23,05.
In addition, we charge an amount of 13,78 per order for Fuel charge, Energy- Insurance- and Packagingcosts.

Deliveries in Belgium
For orders under 250 excl. VAT we charge a contribution to the order costs of 43,85.
In addition, we charge an amount of 13,78 per order for Fuel charge, Energy- Insurance- and Packagingcosts.


All mentioned prices are in Euros and exclude VAT.

Delivery times

The following applies to deliveries within the Netherlands that are paid by invoice: if you place your order with us on op workdays before 15.00 hours, the stocked items will be delivered to you on the following workday.

If you order items amounting more than 2.500, excluding VAT, from our e-shop on workdays before 15.00 hours, the stocked items will be delivered to you on the following workday before 11.00 hours.

We stock most standard colours of printing ink. If you order mixing colours that we do not have in stock on workdays before 11.00 hours, we can deliver them the following day to you.

It goes without saying that you can also collect your order from us. If you wish to do so, please state this with the order.


Orders in our e-shop can be paid in the following way:

  • iDEAL

    With iDEAL you can pay your online purchases at Wifac in a familiar, safe and easy way. You pay in your familiar Internet payment surrounding, on the basis of specific protection methods of your own bank. The advantage of this payment method is that your order is processed immediately, which means that the delivery time is shorter.

  • Cash on delivery

    We only perform Cash on delivery for orders that can be delivered to an address in the Netherlands.

    If you choose this payment method, we would like to discuss with you when and where you will receive the items. For this you can contact us by phoning us at + 31 (0)297 - 289 691 or by sending an e-mail:

    For cash on delivery parcels we charge a surcharge, which depends, among other things, on the delivery address. The amount will be mentioned in your shopping cart.

  • On account

    Companies who have been registered by Wifac as a client, pay standard on account. If you are a client of Wifac, we would like to ask you to pay to one of our accounts within the term of payment agreed with you:

    NL38RABO 0364091878

  • Advance payment

    After the amount due has been credited to one our accounts, we will process your order.

    If you have paid in advance, we will give you a discount of 2% on the order amount.

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Privacy statement

This Privacy Statement describes how Wifac handles the personal information we collect from you.

In this statement you can read everything about the way your personal information is collected and how it is handled. We explain where your data is stored and for what purposes your data is stored. In addition you also find your rights with regard to your data and how you can make use of those rights.


For a number of purposes, personal data is collected by Wifac. These are explained below.

Processing of your orders
When you first place an order with WIFAC we collect your data required for the processing of the order. These are, for example, your name and address, telephone number and VAT number.
Before we can welcome you as a new client, we will provide your details to Economic Data Resources B.V. (EDR). On the basis of this information, EDR investigates and advises us about the creditworthiness of your company and any additional information available about the directors. EDR will further process your personal data for the purpose of creditworthiness testing and contact details. If you wish to object to this or if you would like information about the use of your personal data by EDR, we refer you to the following website:

Sending newsletters
Wifac sends newsletters via email. These newsletters are both commercial as well as focused on knowledge sharing. Your name and email address are collected via the appropriate form on the Wifac website. This data is retained in our e-mail program MailChimp. MailChimp uses this data to send and personalise the newsletters. In addition, MailChimp gives us insights into the opening of and clicks within the newsletters, etc

Data is sent to and stored by servers of MailChimp in the United States. MailChimp is certified for the EU-US Privacy Shield.
What information is collected and how it is used, is described in the Privacy Policy of MailChimp.

WIFAC has closed a processing agreement with MailChimp.

If you do not agree to the storage and analysis of your data, you can unsubscribe from the e-newsletter via the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the e-newsletter.

Getting in contact
Your contact information is collected as soon as you contact Wifac via the website. In the contact form, however, only the necessary information is requested for contacting you or sending you a proposal or offer you a service, such as your name, company name, email address and telephone number.

The Wifac website collects your data to improve the website. This includes information such as the duration of your visit, or the pages you often visit.

This is done with Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses "cookies" (text files placed on your computer) for the analysis of the website use. The information generated about your use of our website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google's servers in the United States. Google is certified for the EU-US Privacy Shield. We refer to the Privacy Policy of Google.

Google will not connect your IP address to other data, in the possession of Google.

Wifac has closed a processing agreement with Google for this website.

Managing your data

The personal data that Wifac receives and processes are managed by:

After you placed an initial order at Wifac, your personal data will be entered in our ERP system and stored on our servers in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands. If you are not a customer of Wifac but active in the graphics market, we store your data to keep you informed about news and promotions in your market field. Should you send us an e-mail, these e-mails will be stored on the servers of Wifac.

Our newsletters are sent using MailChimp. At the moment you sign up for the e-newsletter, your name and email address are automatically saved in the appropriate list in Mailchimp.

When you contact us through one of the forms or via mail, the concerning mails are stored on the servers of Signet.

The website and back-ups of the website are hosted at Data you leave behind on the Wifac website are stored on the servers of WIX.

Storage period

Your data will be kept for a longer period of time by Wifac, but never longer than necessary for carrying out activities, unless we have to preserve your data longer because of a legal reasons according to the Dutch law.

Processing of your order
After you have placed an order at Wifac, the necessary information such as name, address, telephone number and VAT number are stored on our servers. This information is stored indefinitely, but you can request, modify or delete your information at any time.

Sending newsletters
If you have given us permission in advance, via an Opt-In form, for sending e-newsletters, your name and email address will be stored in MailChimp. The storage of your data is for an indefinite period of time. You can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of the newsletters or send an email to

Contact us
As soon as you contact Wifac, your information such as name, company name and email address, will be stored on the servers of Wifac. Your data is stored indefinitely.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics collects information from you through our website, such as your IP address. The last 3 digits of your IP address are anonymized so that your data are stored partly anonymous. This data is kept indefinitely within Google Analytics.


WIFAC is and will remain responsible and liable for the personal data collected by Wifac and guarantees a suitable and effective protection of your data. This applies both to our own IT systems as for our above mentioned partners.

Our employees are aware of the General Data Protection Regulation and process your data in accordance with the guidelines of this regulation. The security of the IT systems used by us in which your personal data is stored, is constantly updated.

We do not make copies of your personal data. Your data will be managed only in the aforementioned systems and software.

The personal information managed by Wifac or by the previously mentioned third parties, are only accessible via the above software and are password protected and where possible (for example, to create a login code in our webshop) with tweestapsverificatie.

The devices that open your data are each locked with a password. The number of devices that have access to your information is limited to only the necessary devices.

In addition, your visit to our website is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that your connection to the Wifac website is private. You can identify this protection to the Green lock icon before the url.

Your rights

You have the right to request your data that is recorded and stored at Wifac at all times. You can do this by sending an e-mail or contacting WIFAC by telephone. You will receive an overview of the data that we stored from you.

Your data is not correct? Or has your data changed? You have the right to have this rectified by Wifac. Do you have a login code for our online shop? Then you can change your data at "edit account", after you are logged in.

Do you no longer wish that your data is stored at WIFAC? You have the right to have your data deleted.

If you need the information that Wifac stored, in case you switch to another supplier or service, then you have the right to transfer your data. In that case Wifac has to transfer your data to the other supplier.

Stop data use (objection)
You do not want Wifac to use your data? Then you have the right to stop the use of your personal data.

Filing a complaint
If Wifac does not handle your data correctly in your opinion, you have the right to complain to the European Data Protection Board.

Would you like to use (one of) these rights? Please contact Wifac via:

Wifac bv
Attn. Mrs. Karen Helling
Rendementsweg 20B-1
3641 SL Mijdrecht

Tel. +31 297 ? 289 691

Our duties

WIFAC processes personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, namely a commercial interest. For example, processing your order or providing services or products by Wifac via email.

The personal data we require, is the minimum necessary information to be able to provide you with services or products. For example, your name, address and VAT registration number are needed for processing your order. A.o. your email address is needed to communicate with you about your order or to send out our e-newsletter. If this mandatory information is not provided, Wifac is not able to offer you the specific service.

Your information will never be sold to third parties. Personal data will only be transferred to third parties whenever necessary to perform the contract (for example, when a supplier needs to deliver goods directly to your address) and with your express consent. You can revoke this consent at any time.

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On-line order procedure and order conditions

Logging in / registering

You can find the Wifac e-shop at or, button "e-shop". Did you already receive a log-in code from us? Then type your user name and password at "log-in". After the first log-in you can select your own password. With these login data you can see the item prices that were agreed with you, compile your list of favourites and view your order history.

You can also place orders with us without a log-in name and password. You only have to register with us, so that we have sufficient data to complete the order.

In sales, service and training activities Wifac focuses solely on the professional graphics market. We therefore refer individual consumers/end users to sales organisations that specifically focus on the consumer market.

Responsibility for user name and password

When you register, you are obliged to provide correct, accurate, up-to-date and complete information when answering the questions on the registration forms which you receive from Wifac bv through the website or in another way. If the information provided by you is incorrect, inaccurate, very out-of-date or incomplete, Wifac bv may refuse to take your orders.

The password and user name that have been allocated to you and through which you have access to your business-specific information in the e-shop, are confidential and must not be revealed to or shared by third parties, of used otherwise for improper purposes. You are obliged to treat the password and user name confidentially, and are fully responsible for all activities that are carried out with the use of your password of user name.

Furthermore, you should see to it that your employees who use your password are authorised to conclude transactions on behalf of the company that they represent.

You recognise that the use of the password and user name together constitute your authorisation. You are aware of the compulsory nature of every action that is registered when using your password and user name. You therefore should realise that you must take adequate safety measures to see to it that the password and user name are solely made known to persons who are authorised to oblige you to make orders that are placed as a result of this. You agree to:

  • notify Wifac bv immediately about every unauthorized use of your password or user name or every other violation of the protection;
  • notify Wifac bv immediately if employees who have received a log-in code from Wifac bv are not employed anymore at your company.

Wifac bv does not accept any liability for loss or damage that is the result of you failing to comply with the provisions in this chapter.

Searching or paging

Are you looking for a certain item? Then you can check whether it is available in our shop by "paging" in our catalogue (pull-down menus under the caption "search") or by searching through the (extensive) search function.


Through the pull-down menus you can page six different levels. For the structure we refer you to the sitemap. After you have selected a certain category only relevant subcategories will still appear. You can see the result of your selection in the middle part of the site. By clicking on the category in question you go to the following level or (if the lowest level has been reached) to the matching items.

Through the list of items you can:

  • Place items in your shopping cart
  • Place items in your list of favourites
  • Click on "info" for more information, appendices and info about the sales team.

You cannot find the product you require in our shop? This does not mean that we cannot supply it! Please contact us. We can be contacted by phoning + 31 (0)297 - 289 691 of by sending an e-mail to:


Another way to find the item you require is through the search function.

You can carry out a quick search by typing the item name or description and pressing the button >>.

By selecting "extensive searching" you can search according to (a number of) the following criteria:

  • (Part of) the item number
  • (Part of) the description or item name
  • Price
  • Only stocked items
  • Brand / manufacturer
  • Category (see sitemap)

The result of the search function is the list of items, in which you have the same options as mentioned with "paging".

List of favourites

You only see this list when you are already a client of Wifac bv and when you are logged in to our e-shop. Here you can see all products that you have regularly ordered from us. You can only fill in the number and click on the button "order". The products selected by you are then placed in the shopping cart.

In order to make it easy for you, we have already filled this list with products that are available in our e-shop and which you have ordered from us. It goes without saying that you can change or supplement this list as you wish.

Order history

Order history is information that is only shown to visitors who are logged in to our e-shop.

Here you can see all items that you have ordered from Wifac in our e-shop.

Orders are shown according to order date. After you have selected an order, the items that you ordered are shown. In this screen you have the following options for each item:

  • Ordering
  • The selected items are added to the shopping cart
  • Adding to favourites
  • The selected items are added to your list of favourites
  • Info

You get detailed information about the item in question. You see the current price, whether it is in stock and further info about the item.

Filling the shopping cart

You can place the items you require in the shopping cart through the following locations or in the following ways:

  • Through the (extensive) search function
  • Through the pager function
  • Through your list of favourites (if logged-in)
  • Through your order history (if logged-in)


You can find the items selected by you in the "shopping cart". Here you can find the following info: stock information, unit price, total price, any order costs and surcharges and the total amount of your order incl. VAT.

In this list you can delete items (by pressing button X on the right side of the total amount) or continue with shopping. With the button "calculate again" the order amount is calculated again after you have deleted or added items or changed the quantities.

Did you place all items in your shopping cart are the quantities correct? Then you can order the items by selecting "finish order". You then enter the screen "method of shipment and payment".


If you are logged in and have made arrangements with Wifac about the price of an item, check your "own" price with the item in question. If you didn't arrange the price of an item with Wifac on the basis of your purchase, you can see the gross price of that item.

If you purchase more than 1 unit of an item, the unit price will be reduced. You can see this by checking our graduate pricing.

Do you plan to purchase larger quantities of an item than mentioned in the graduated pricing? Or do you want to make price arrangements with us for a package of items? Then please contact us by phoning +31 (0)297 - 289 691 of by sending an e-mail to:

Method of shipment and payment

In this screen you can choose whether you want Wifac to deliver the items or whether you want to collect them yourself. The method of payment is standard "on account", which is the method of payment for our regular clients.

If you want to use a different method of payment, you can select the option in question.

This screen also mentions your company data, delivery and invoice address. If your delivery and invoice address are not correct for this order, you can change these data with "my account" (only when you are logged in).

Then click on op the button >> to complete your order. Now you enter the last screen to complete your order: the order list.

If you have selected iDEAL as method of payment, you will be guided through the payment screens in question.

Order list

This list includes the following data:

  • The items selected by you, including stock information
  • The total order amount
  • Your company data
  • The delivery address
  • The method of delivery
  • The method of payment

After you agreed with our General terms of delivery, you can complete the order by clicking on the button >>. Then a confirmation of this order will immediately be sent to the e-mail address stated by you.

Delivery times

If orders are made on workdays before 15.00 hours, stocked items will be delivered the following workday. If you order for more than 2.500, ex VAT, from us, the stocked items will be delivered on the following workday before 11.00 hours. This arrangement only applies to orders through our e-shop.

Mixing ink (no stocked item) will be delivered to you on the following workday, if you order this item from us on workdays before 11.00 hours.

For products that we do not have in stock you will receive an e-mail from us, stating the probable delivery time.


When using the Wifac e-shop support is provided by employees of the inside sales department. We also appreciate all remarks that can help us to further improve our electronic ordering options. The inside sales department can be reached on weekdays by phoning number 0297 - 289691.

Advantages of the Wifac e-shop

The Wifac e-shop offers clients, prospects and other interested companies the opportunity to order products from the Wifac range on-line. The advantages are as follows:

  • Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Price information, also when you do not have a log-in code
  • Stocked items can be supplied faster, providing they are ordered on-line and providing the order amount exceeds 2.500
  • You can view your "own" prices, after you are logged in
  • You can view your historical orders, after you are logged in
  • You can create a list of favourites, after you are logged in


Dutch law shall apply to all orders that are placed through this website.

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Return application

It may happen that something goes wrong with an order. Incorrect invoices or items to be returned, defect items, too little package supplied, wrong order or wrong delivery?

You can report all these matters to us on-line through the return application on our site. You can find this form in our e-shop, see "Return application".

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System requirements

Visitors of the Wifac e-shop must have Internet access, whereby MS-explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 or higher (Windows) are used as browsers. For the Mac the browsers are Safari 1.3.1 of 2.0.1 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7.

With the following work stations you can purchase items from the Wifac e-shop without a problem: PC's starting from Pentium 4 with Windows and Linux desktop, or Mac's starting from OS 10.3 and 10.4.

This e-shop is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

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Terms of use of this website

This website is made available free of charge to all Internet users, and in particular to the clients of Wifac bv, under the following conditions. By using this website you declare that you agree with these conditions. Personal information provided by users of this website is treated and protected with due care. See the privacy statement for further information on issues that concern privacy matters.

The General Terms of Delivery of the VLGA shall apply to all orders placed on this website. Wifac bv is responsible for this website and sells the products that can be ordered on this website.

Restrictions concerning the use with regard to intellectual property rights.

This website contains a large number of elements that are protected by copyright and on which intellectual property rights rest, such as photos, text and the graphic design of the website. In order to protect these rights, the following restrictions apply with regard to using this website:

  • This website may not be copied in its entirety or partially by electronic means or otherwise, except in so far as it is necessary to be able to consult this website through the Internet and make use of the offered services. It is in particular prohibited to copy parts of this website to another website.
  • In principle it is allowed to create hyperlinks to this website, on the condition that they are linked with the main page

Unauthorized use

The use of this website in a way that is annoying for other Internet users or in any another way that disturbs the adequate functioning of this website or negatively affects the information on this website and/or the operating software is not allowed. Using the website under a false name or by bypassing safety measures that have been applied for the non-accessible parts of this website is also allowed.


The information on this website has been compiled with due care. However, Wifac bv cannot be held responsible for the permanent availability and accuracy of all information shown on this website. Wifac bv can also not be held responsible for damage resulting from unavailable or incorrect information on this website or for the fact that it is temporarily not possible to place orders on the website.

Wifac bv shall reserve the right to change these conditions of use. Changes shall be published on this page.

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Why do you want to place orders with Wifac orders? (12 reasons)

  1. Available
    You can place orders with us at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Transparent
    We are transparent about our prices and also communicate them in our e-shop. The more you buy, the higher the discount. With larger purchases you can obviously always make price arrangements with us.
  3. Clear
    The structure of our e-shop is clear. Various search functions have been built in to easily find the item of your choice. You can search according to description, brand, product type or price.
  4. Fast
    The registration procedure is fast. If you have already received a log-in code, you only have to log in. If you do not have the code yet, you can nevertheless still order items in our shop. Before you finish the order, you only have to register, after which you can immediately continue shopping with this provisional log-in code.
  5. Easy
    You can also place items in the shopping cart from your list of favourites or order history. You only have to fill in the quantities you want and click on the button 'to shopping cart'.
  6. Custom made
    If you are logged in, you can see your 'own' prices, list of favourites and order history.
  7. Information
    Not only the price of an item is shown, but also whether it is in stock. In this way you can avoid unpleasant 'surprises'. In addition, you can see your past orders and download documents such as safety information brochures. We also have made a newsletter archive, where you can view the latest news.
  8. Ordered yesterday, delivered today
    All stocked items, when ordered on workdays before 15.00 hours, will be delivered the next day. If you order for more than 2.500 excl. VAT from us, the items in stock will be delivered the next day before 11.00 hours!
  9. Our strength: expertise regarding the entire graphics production process
    Wifac does not only focus on delivering products. We are very much aware that a beautiful product can only be realised through the correct combination of machines, consumer materials and (practical) know-how. The assistance by Wifac does not stop after the delivery of our products; if you have any practical questions our specialists will also be pleased to help you!
  10. Protection
    We are very much aware that your and our data must be protected and remain protected in an adequate manner. This is why our network is very well protected and we use multiple servers, which are continuously monitored.
  11. Up-to-date
    Because we have linked our e-shop to our automation system, you can be sure that the shown information is always up-to-date.
  12. 'Personal Internet'
    Despite the fact that we do not speak with you initially when you place an order, we do not lose contact with you! This is because our employees follow your order until the items have arrived correctly. Moreover, we are very pleased to answer any practical questions you have in relation to the realisation of a beautiful product in your production process.

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